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So Mars completing a tour of your biz sector in early October has you reflecting just how much you’ve been honing your most determined ambitions lately. You’ve been pretty fierce about not giving up on yourself; and I tell you what, with Saturn/Pluto brewing serious lucrative scenarios in your earning sector for the rest of the year it’s worth sticking with this newfound discipline a bit longer-dig deep & keep at it babe, you could be just on the cusp of next level success…

Especially with lucky Jupiter picking up momentum in Sag for the rest of the year- anything less than thriving with full, shiny lust for life is frankly too boring to contemplate. The force is strong with you right now, so might as well get ready to seize the day with any cool opportunities coming up to get out of your comfort zone & step up to your full potential -if not now when?

Also with the Full Moon of the 14th in your 5th house of talent, self-expression & playful exuberance –this could be such fun! Your creative discipline is on point, reminding you to enjoy how good you are at what you do. Showing off your brilliance with shameless self-promotion works a treat. And Mars firing up your social sector has you out & about on the scene, networking the hell out of any professional opportunities & shining with your best charisma just because lust for life, and it feels so good to be you right now! And also hanging with your tribe fills your cup-it’s a great time to feel connected by making time for good times with your favourite people. Yes including a lovely, life affirming love vibe –mid month is about romantic interludes/flirty repartee where sparkly, promising passion feels so easy…nice one.

And ok, with Venus in your soul sector there could also be more subtle, weird relationship dynamics to keep an eye on-especially with the Uranus fuelled New Moon of the 28th. Maybe explosive emotional revelations you were hoping to keep a lid on-which could up the ante on certain soulmate scenarios, reveal hidden/deeper passions for further, sexy investigation -or have you running a mile for a bit of that famous Sag personal space you crave when things get too tricky hmmm?

And also a magnificent outburst of Sag talent on the day job-could be positively game changing if you get it right!

Image: Daria Pilnitskaya for Zoltan Tombor, via Grazia Italy.

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