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So to the extent Mars has been bringing love & partnership dynamics to the fore recently, and you’re pretty clear about where certain attractions/key relationships stand? Mars joining Venus in your sexy 8th house from the 5th is a chance to take it a little deeper, explore the nitty gritty of emotional/physical intimacy & see just how real the passion is, one way or the other? I mean ok it could be a tad volatile, but kind of exciting, hot-blooded mating season if you’re into that kind of thing...

And romance or not, family/biz/financial entanglements also fire up with a healthy, assertive attitude to any temperamental issues-to hopefully keep it real & positive, win-win outcomes sans unnecessary conflict huh?

Especially because the Full Moon of the 14th brings all this into sharp focus. Mid month has you fully emotionally congruent about your own desires & personal priorities in terms of walking your talk in the world -the better to vibe as authentic as possible with the people that matter, right?

Also we have to talk about this Full Moon in your money/income sectors syncing lucky Jupiter in your career sector. The synergy between expansive, confident vocational growth & making realistic coin doing whatever genuinely turns you on is so good right now. It’s all about the classy emotional congruence to stick with your core intentions/sense of purpose in the world no matter what. Yes, and the better to manifest perfectly aligned earning scenarios as you go…

And it’s great to be getting a handle on the Pisces life goals/how to fund them right now; because Venus joining Mercury in your vision sector from the 9th has you all inspired to think big & follow your dreams with exuberant enthusiasm.

Especially by the New Moon of the 28th, a great opportunity to subvert your own dominant paradigm -in terms of any limiting ideas you’ve had about your personal potential lately. Uranus has you busting a move on crazy new versions of doing your thing in the world –because the opportunities coming your way right now could be weird, wonderful & unexpected so never a better time to think outside the square. Late month could be kinda kooky, but so liberating and potentially so fun!

Image; Pauline Grossen

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