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October begins with Mars completing the last few months in your soul sector, where you’ve been reigning it in & doing the necessary work to replenish your Qi/life force from within with whatever healing/restorative practice has been calling your name. Maybe not so much instant gratification lately, but nicely preparing for the next chapter…

Great, the better to embrace Mars into Libra from the 5th and coming out of your shell with a blast of renewed vim, vigour, lust for life & dynamic raw energy to seize life like you mean it. Yes, especially with Venus in Libra early month, if you feel all shiny & like a million dollars here good on you –you’ve earned it babe!

And speaking of cash, Venus joining clever Mercury in your income sector from the 9th is great for figuring out your most marketable talent/creative inspo & hustling your most viable earning scenario based on that. Especially with Venus/Uranus mid month biz & financial negotiations are bristling with weird, unpredictable developments to work your creative manifestation magic upon:

Not exactly financial stability as such; but potentially lucrative if you schmooze any swiftly moving opportunities here with smart, charming, flexible alacrity. Especially by the New Moon of the 28th – a perfect time to finesse some new scheme; you may not be able to control-freak it as much as you might like, but you can get with the programme & thrive by being as adaptable as possible huh?

Meanwhile Venus really hits her stride stimulating fireworks with sparky Uranus in your sex/intimacy sector, just in time for the Full Moon of the 14th in your love sector. Oh my goodness, and with Mars revving up your libido & seductive prowess, could be a particularly passionate mating season this month…

I mean it’s not so much fluffy, comfortable romantic expectations so much as transformative emotional growth. Maybe a firecracker in your relationship for fresh, scary-yet-fab authenticity. Or a nutso, thrilling attraction to turn you on. Or scoring a bit of emotional oxygen to do your own thing-just for the thrill of personal space, and maybe the better to bring a renewed version of you home to whoever you care about? Especially with Pluto involved raw, fierce, emotionally revealing connection is the only kind you can be bothered with here -so might as well embrace the buzz of it!

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