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So as the sign most attuned to the importance of home & hearth, you’re fully onto Mars energising your domestic sector from the 4th. I mean Venus has had you dreaming of beautiful décor/real estate & harmonious/dolce vita living lately, and now Mars comes along and says time to make it happen…

Could be a great time to action any property/reno/relocation plans, to effectively get the physical home base right, for somewhere fab to come home to.

But also the Cancerian personal life. Any latent tensions re family/co-hab/relationship dynamics are so much more likely to flare up, and ideally reveal the real issues for honest, healthy conflict resolution one way or the other. It feels so good to get back to relating with full authenticity, huh? Or maybe you’ve been happily brewing exciting plans with your loved ones-and about to get them moving, yay!

And yes, sexy Mars also helps shacked up love affairs to thrive, or seductive scenarios at home could be promising if you happen to be mating/dating? Especially with Venus in your romance sector, & syncing sexy Pluto in your sex sector by the New Moon of the 28th –I’m just saying things cold be getting pretty passionate…

Also the Full Moon of the 14th says a positive, healthy personal life/home base is what’s going to support your best professional moves right now. Because career is a happening thing, with this Moon in your biz sector perfectly syncing lucky Jupiter in your day job sector. You’re so ready to expand the scope of what you do in the world- for material success, meaningful job satisfaction, better work/life balance for a freer lifestyle- whatever turns you on.

Especially if healer Chiron hitting your biz sector is revealing any tortured old beliefs that you’re not good/talented enough etc; Jupiter says fuq that with the sheer confidence to back your own brilliance no matter what! Especially with your creative genius peaking by the New Moon of the 28th -you know what you’re good at and how you want to express that in the world, no point underestimating yourself now huh?

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