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Pisces Full Moon, exact 2.32pm Sat 14th, AEST. Pisces Full Moons are always pretty cosmic & inspirational, and this one is particularly, super-duper lit up, right on top of spooky Pisces ruler Neptune & all.

To the degree all the feelings we've been dealing with (or not) recently tend to rise up on a Full Moon, Neptunian moods are pretty oceanic & potentially overwhelming -on the plus side we're REALLY in touch with our emotions! Including such heightened intuition we can read the most subtle cues about our own, and one another's needs with exquisite precision.

And with Mars involved, if we trust our instincts this can be the best, life affirming vitality walk our talk in the world wth such brilliant authenticity... But with Mars opposite Neptune we could also be dealing with some pretty irrational, volatile, possibly aggressive urges that we struggle to keep a lid on. Um, impulse control much???

Also because in our love lives it's kind of all or nothing, We're feeling it so intensely & long to merge with our lovers with that passionate bliss when we lose ourselves in moments of ecstatic, no-holds-barred connection. Fuq yeah, this can be truly sublime but still...

We have to watch any 'my primal needs take precedence over everything else & fuq you if you don't get on board' type attitude. Which can obviously wreak havoc with any healthy boundaries we're trying to cultivate in our personal relationships hmmm?

Meanwhile, if we keep it together & take responsibility for our own joy; this Moon is a wonderful chance to rock our mystic souls by communing with our creative muse, shamanic self development/spiritual practice & manifesting our dreams in the world with powerful, disciplined magical intention... yes the force is that strong with us right now -let's do it!

Happy Full Moon folks x

Image: the wonderful Starchild Tarot

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