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So I've been talking in the September horoscopes about the weird love energy this month (more detail for your sign here).

With Venus & Mars in sync there's lots of romance in the air, and especially with the Sun pulling them together is classic astro for our more enduring commitment scenarios to thrive. And being in Virgo with Virgo ruler Mercury also involved, it's a chance for some sparkling flirty, effective communication to bring the necessary emotional oxygen to our relationships/attractions, to cultivate the essential mutual understanding we need to love authentically...

And with love goddess Venus square lucky Jupiter & trine commitment orientated Saturn right now, and in a hot, wildly passionate trine with sexy Pluto by the 7th -it's looking pretty good for successful mating season coming up?

Yes and especially with Venus also opposite spooky, soulmating Neptune, and the New and Full Moons of September highly Neptunian; we're up for some seriously magical romance to turn us on right? Well yeah, but is mating or is it madness???

Ha, because with Neptune we're more likely to experience perfect, mystical timing for near-karmic new attractions, intoxicating passion with our lover and maybe even falling deeper into true love with our partner/someone special. Ooh la la yes it's possible! But also with Neptune we can be subject to the most savagely delusional crushes/romantic expectations and dodgy relational dynamics, where certain dodgy people (maybe even us) are maybe fibbing our heads off in order to scam the illusion of romantic intoxication without doing the actual work of emotional authenticity hmmm?

So yeah it's shifting sands in our love lives coming up, and a fine line between big love/exquisitely real intimacy & bonkers fantasy infatuation...let's keep our hearts open whilst also keeping it real as much as possible -good luck little lovers xxx

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