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How good is it to have lucky Jupiter direct in your favourite stomping ground- the 5th house of raw Leo talent, creativity & magnificently confident self-expression? Yes, after a few months of Jupiter retrograde and kind of cramping your style, you’ve got your mojo on and ready to rock-watch out world you’re back with a vengeance!

Especially with the Full Moon it feels like you’ve never been so clear about your practical intentions –with a genius astro line up in your income sector activating pragmatic & potentially very lucrative Saturn/Pluto in your work/day job sector. And Uranus sparking up a more dynamic, change friendly attitude in your biz sector for innovative new vocational opportunities –which only get better when Uranus picks up pace from this January onwards…

So you’re fully savvy enough to grab some visionary biz inspiration that might normally seem quite hare brained, and carefully massage it into a very realistic earning scenario with such suave attention to detail–including genius handling of even the most tricky financial entanglements. Yep you’re pretty onto it right now you little success machine…

But also, how the hell do you square that off with the spooky/crazy Neptune shizz going on in your most personal, intimate relationships right now? It’s totally the season for such big, soulmate passion to turn on your highest romantic ideals-nice one. But also the temptation to entertain such delusional, confusing interpersonal fuqery if you’re not careful.

It’s a fine line between true love/rapturous romance & projecting weird expectations at one another here, and with Venus/Mars /Mercury on your ruling Sun-and being one of the great lovers of the zodiac you obviously have the shiny emotional intelligence to know the difference right?

And maybe, by the New Moon of the 29th schmooze any flirty, playful romantic repartee to seduce, or at least communicate more effectively with someone special. If you’re in love/lust by late September-maybe open up & say so!

Image: Lucia Kosa

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