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So the New Moon of the 1st is all about the Taurus domestic scenario, and a fab new perspective on the ideal home for your heart.

I mean with luvvy Venus involved it could be family/co-hab relations you’re looking to harmonise, for a more fulfilling emotional sanctuary to come home to. And yes this includes romantic bliss -shacking up/finessing your existing domestic relationship with someone special could be a thing this month! And/or it could be as simple as the Venus imperative to beautify your home space; a bit of gorgeous interior design makeover/feng shui genius could go a long way to making you feel deliciously cosy in your home environment –which is so important for a comfort-loving creature like yourself, yes?

Also because a solid/nurturing home & personal life is the best foundation for launching yourself into the career oriented Full Moon of the 15th. Mid month has you so beautifully grounded, the better to consider professional options with an intelligent eye to whatever strategy will best serve your personal wellbeing. This is perfect for the rewarding lifestyle of working to live lusciously rather than the grind of living to work -yes you’re onto it & ready to nail your best work/life balance this month.

Excellent, and Mars involved is the raw energy to make it all happen. Especially when Mars hits your talent/creative self-expression sector from the 18th –you’re so ready to rock & embrace whatever turns you on in life with unstoppable confidence. And also for extra passionate, virile romantic vitality –you’re kind of all het up & on the prowl for good loving right now…

And happily, lucky Jupiter direct in your sex/intimacy sector from mid month delivers. It’s all about a big, brazen, emotionally expansive generosity of spirit to bring your current relationship/love affair/potential next exciting attraction to next level thrills –omg yes go for it you hot little lover you.

Image: Chris Nicholls

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