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So I don’t care how much Saturn playing around with your ruler Pluto has you tempted to succumb to self-doubt right now, August is all about you smashing your most magnificent confidence in the world & no excuses!

You’ve got Venus in your biz sector to own just how vocationally talented you are-whether it’s showing off your creative brilliance/engaging interpersonal skills/sparkling charm to schmooze certain opportunities/looking good to knock em dead with your professional glam/polishing your brand to perfection-you’re so onto it. And Mars on board lends the fierce work ethic to follow through, which is exactly the kind of tough determination to thrive that turns you on right?

Which sets you up perfectly for the New Moon of the 1st in your biz sector pulling all this Venus/Mars moxy together for the best, fresh perspective to nail whatever fab opportunity is ready to present & move forward with success oriented alacrity. Omg especially with Jupiter moving forward from the 12th in your income sector; I mean (lets face it) you can be quite financially motivated & love raking in good coin for what you do, and lucky Jupiter says yes you can afford to think big, brazen, promising abundance here-and you’re so ready to make the most of it. So good.

So the force is strong with Venus early August, and she’s also hooking into sparky Uranus in your love sector…maybe some romantic/partnership thrills & spills coming up? Weird but promising attractions are more likely, and navigating crazy triggers to shake up existing love dynamics one way or the other? I mean it’s not exactly stability oriented, but ace for emotional growth and next level chemistry with any relationships that are actually ready to grow. I’m just saying it’s character building to bust out if any ruts & grab that fierce, fab capacity of yours to love fearlessly & own the consequences of keeping it real-do admit, this is your thing!

Especially by the Venus/Mars conjunction of the 24th, you’re ready to proclaim any love you’re feeling big time & ensure it’s a valued part of the Scorpio life plan. And if single your best stomping ground for hot meet ups/flirtation is the professional world-maybe looking good on the day job is your best romantic manoeuvre this month hmmm…

Image: Sefa Nkansa Photography

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