July 29, 2019

So after the crazy, transformative intensity of July Eclipse season; we're looking forward to the relative ease of August to gather our new improved selves & rise up singing...


I mean the New moon of the 1st and Full Moon of the 15th are both Venus ruled, so we're feeling the love, romance, creative inspiration & biz/money savvy with such ease -and of course its Leo season so not afraid to broadcast our talent, gorgeousness & emotional generosity to our loved ones with full, brilliant confidence so that's nice. 


And importantly, lucky Jupiter direct from the 12th is just the blast of fresh confidence we need; to pick up the pieces of stalled plans & any wreckage from Eclipse season with renewed positive enthusiasm & visionary zeal about the things that matter... 


Yay, August is here & looking good folks -and more for your sign with the monthly horoscopes up here. Happy August x 


Image: the wonderful Alexandra Valenti


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