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Eclipse season is happening, and the Full Moon in Capricorn (exact 7.38am July 17th, AEST) is a partial Eclipse to keep the momentum up:

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing lately, in and in Eclipse season they're going to be extra telling about our most authentic emotional needs/relational dynamics AND on top of primal Pluto for even more transformative coming to terms with our deepest emotional imperatives for empowered growth. Especially in disciplined Capricorn we aint mucking around -we're willing to do the work to own who we are, what we really, truly want & how to walk our talk on that with out best, gutsy emotional courage.

Especially with Saturn on the Lunar South Node of past experience, to do a bit of constructive pattern recognition, and get a grip on whatever old baggage/stories we need to rationalise & hopefully shed right now? I mean this Moon isn't exactly for the faint hearted, and not so great if we're stubbornly holding onto old paradigm stories about our lives for the sake of so-called security/nostalgia or whatever. That kind of obstinate attitude is most likely fear based & could be a tough gig right now, to be honest.

Because with Venus lushing up the Lunar North Node of future destiny here we're looking firmly forward & have better fish to fry. This is such a fab, positively challenging Moon to the extent we're so ready to fully, fearlessly embrace whatever delicious, promising new scenarios are currently calling our name -and realise that yes we do deserve to thrive at this point!

Venus is presenting so many best case scenarios in love/romance/creative inspo/biz & money right now, that could honestly create successful outcomes with time. And the trick is to be brave enough to believe in our potential and crucially, with Saturn & Pluto involved; do the work to step up & make it happen. It's not a passive, lazy energy to cruise along in autopilot, but it is such a wonderful opportunity to grab scarily wonderful, rewarding new happiness/fulfilment & run with it. Let's do this!

Happy Goat Eclipse folks x

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