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July revolves around Eclipse Season, so emotions are running high & Destiny is busy working her magic in the background of events this month. And with the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon of the 3rd in your adventure sector, you begin the month with such a brilliantly tetchy, restless yearning for broader horizons…

It’s all about the Destiny Point awakening that fierce lust for life of yours, and ready to cut loose & live large with your most fearless, visionary zeal. Maybe wanderlust calling you to some mind opening travel? Or with Venus straddling your sex & adventure sectors, maybe taking a hot love affair to the next, expansive stage of romantic growth? Or broadening your horizons with a fully focused study/educational/professionally advantageous learning curve?

Because you’ve also gotta love Mars firing up your biz sector -you’re so goddamn brazenly ambitious right now it’s fabulous! And with a trine to healer Chiron in your work sector mid month, you’re ready to tackle any tricky issues on the job or professional insecurities/health issues that may have been limiting your potential lately; with the sheer positive confidence & the healthy lifestyle habits to finesse the situation and thrive in the world no matter what.

I mean you totally get off on the whole trip of saying fuq-you to life’s challenges, and turning them into success potential just because you can. And Pluto/Saturn on the Partial Lunar Eclipse of the 17th is just the thing to nail the mental discipline to do it; and the satisfying personal transformation that comes with that. You’re in full growth mode and so over any boring, limiting old paradigms that have been holding you back –yes rising from the ashes like the phoenix that you are is game on this month!

Meanwhile same goes for your love life. With a sexy little Mars/Venus hook up early July; whether you’re already in love or single & flirting up a storm in the world you’re not scared of blaring your clearest romantic intentions out there loud & proud. Which is a brilliant chance to embrace your biggest love potential right now, obviously. And (admit it) a refreshing break from your usual brooding, psycho crypto, keep-em-guessing style huh?

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