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July revolves around Eclipse Season, so emotions are running high & Destiny is busy working her magic in the background of events this month. And with the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon of the 3rd in your sex/intimacy/money sector it feels like it’s gonna be pretty hot, as follows:

Love. The Destiny Point says that whomever you are involved with/seducing/wildly attracted to right now could be so inextricably & promisingly tied up with your long-term romantic future! Maybe a thrilling, rewarding commitment brewing as we speak? Or someone who is a timely (exciting?) catalyst to you understanding your own relational patterns, the better to move on to your next big thing with that much more self-awareness? And I tell you what, with Venus involved your romantic wiles are so intoxicating on point –who could resist you? You are hot, you goddamn know it & so does everyone else. OMG particularly by the Partial Lunar Eclipse of the 17th, which could be your most auspicious date night of the month, if you’re up for emotional thrills & spills?

Biz: Look, it’s all about money right now. The Destiny Point could just be revealing some spooky lucrative, promising opportunity to set yourself up to be making good coin long term. So ok, it’s not so much the usual Sag impatience for immediate cash flow & fuq the future (lol); you actually have some kind of sustainable financial plan going on, the perseverance to see it through & it feels pretty good to be so onto it, huh? Especially with Uranus rocking your work sector; you blitz your day-job/some brand new vocational path or juggling various professional scenarios with such alacrity & dynamic, innovative cool new attitude to success.

And for a Sag, success tends to mean the kind of flexible hours/autonomous role that allows you to roll with that free-range work ethic of yours. You want a gig that suits your liberated lifestyle with some meaningful job satisfaction to turn you on-cos boring wage slavery aint your thing. And happily, the stars might just be aligned to pull this off right now –so good!

Image; Daga Zoiber in Vogue Japan/Nippon April 2012 by Mikael Jansson

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