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July revolves around Eclipse Season, so emotions are running high & Destiny is busy working her magic in the background of events this month; and with the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon of the 3rd you’re so ready to shine in the world!

Because it’s all happening in your 5th house of talent/self-expression/personal confidence/quality fun times with loved ones & the sheer, life affirming joy of thriving on your own sweet terms. Yep, the healthy Pisces lust for life is beautifully incandescent right now…

Omg especially with lovely Venus involved, you have a brilliant handle on what you’re truly good at & how to leverage that talent for maximum attention/success in the world. Which kind of matters, to the extent Mars in your work sector is driving you with some exciting professional goals/fully determined to nail your current gig with a superbly satisfying sense of accomplishment -and the solid work ethic & healthy lifestyle habits to pull it off with full personal vitality!

Yes, you’re so enjoying this process of creative discipline/self mastery that you’re happy to wait for Jupiter direct in your biz sector mid August to see actual, tangible results in the world… not long now, you little success machine you.

Meanwhile Venus also has you embracing whatever most turns you on in your personal life. Happy days with family, friends and loved ones, creative play and just loving being your true self in the world are all so important –it’s the season to have some easy, life-affirming fun!

Yes, including some sweet romantic harmony in your love life, especially with the Venus/Mars magic from the 4th-7th –could be nice date nights with someone special.

And then the Partial Lunar Eclipse Full Moon of the 17th in your social sector; could be a chance to get real about where you fit with the tribe/true friends that truly have your back-and able to support your most positive transformation/personal growth?

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