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July revolves around Eclipse Season, so emotions are running high & Destiny is busy working her magic in the background of events this month; and with the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon of the 3rd rocking your biz sector, you’ve totally got your eye on the Libra career in early July:

I mean it’s not every day you get a Total Eclipse to fire up your ambition. And the Destiny Point also involved adds such a spectacularly determined sense of purpose in the world, the perfect biz/work opportunities presenting themselves with almost magical synchronicity and –crucially, the clear professional intentions to follow through on this.

Especially with Venus in your biz sector from the 4th, you’ve so got your best talent, creative brilliance & professional glam/shameless self promotion on to shine beautifully in your career this month…

Certain long-term goals are calling your name right now, and you’re so switched on to the perfect opportunities to actually make them happen… It’s no time to give up on your dreams now you little success machine you –it’s time to grab them fiercely by the throat and decide to thrive!

Meanwhile speaking of Venus, a cute little sync with her lover Mars from the 4th-7th is a nice chance to flaunt your romantic moxy in the world. I mean if you’re single/on the prowl you might want to look sharp & dress for flirty opportunities when you leave the house of a morning-you’re so much more likely to bump into some cutie when you’re going about your business at work, or any socialising going on in early July…

Or if already crushing/dating/involved, I’d be looking to the Partial Lunar Eclipse Full Moon of the 17th on sexy Pluto in your domestic sector. Anything from enjoying cosy seductions on home turf to full shacked up commitment is your best look here, for some powerful, passionate emotional connection to keep it real?

Image: Lucia Giacani

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