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July revolves around Eclipse Season, so emotions are running high & Destiny is busy working her magic in the background of events this month –so it pays to tune into the subtle undercurrents going on, to work best with this energy:

So how perfect that the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon of the 3rd is in your magical soul sector! Your spooky intuition is so switched on, to the point of near psychic clarity/insights/accurate premonitions to guide you forward. Yes, your best look here is whatever spiritual/meditation/creative practice keeps you high frequency enough to download the truly fab inspo coming from your higher self right now, and setting crystal clear intentions based on that.

Because then the Partial Lunar Eclipse Full Moon of the 17th is all about bringing those fab instincts to the Leo day job/work ethic/whatever biz gig is turning you on. This is primo time to do some magical manifestation to drum up your best vocational opportunities; I mean with lucrative Pluto/practical Saturn involved you’re so extremely ready to grab your most powerful professional potential, work the hell out of it and thrive this month!

And ok, with Uranus shaking up your biz sector you might have to stay light on your feet, as the circumstances of your success are likely to change at warp speed at any given moment. Cool, lucky your adaptable instincts are so bang on huh?

Meanwhile love? Mars in your sign has you sexy as fuq this month, with even more confident seductive prowess than usual to go chase some action in the world. But also with a spooky little Mars/Venus thing in the first week of July; might be it’s more about the subtle process of soulmating with someone special, or weird kismet timing to meet someone bafflingly promising. Either way it’s bound to make more romantic sense when Venus hits your sign in August, patience little lover something interesting is brewing…

Image: credit, Kris Sorbie. Winner 2011 NAHA Master Hairstylist

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