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July revolves around Eclipse Season, so emotions are running high & Destiny is busy working her magic in the background of events this month-and it’s all connected to your sign!

It starts with the Cancerian Total Solar Eclipse New Moon of the 3rd. Gosh, for fully Moon sensitive, instinctively switched on creature the powerful feelings coming up here about your genuine needs, desires, emotional truth, creative inspo etc are pretty overwhelming.

So ok, there could be some tidal mood swings threatening to swamp you/certain scenarios in your personal life triggering some pretty primal responses that you may or may not feel in control of. But if you can keep your cool somehow amongst all this, and harness that powerful emotional intelligence of yours instead? Omg especially with the Destiny Point involved, your sharpest instincts about who you are & how to align with your true life-path are so bang on! Permission to shine with the incandescent joy of being your true self is so your thing right now…

Then a sweet Mars/Venus aspect in the first week of July is quite the love fest, especially with the powerful rays of the Cancer Sun pulling them together. Could be a nice affirmation of an existing commitment in your life, or a promising attraction revealing itself…

And I tell you what, this is ramped way the hell up with the Partial Lunar Eclipse Full Moon of the 17th in your love sector. With passionate Pluto and the Destiny Point involved, any romantic instincts turning you on mid month could be not only sexy as fuq, but also have the spooky hand of fate playing out behind them. Ooh la la!

Image: unable to find original credit for this fab gif.

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