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July revolves around Eclipse Season, so emotions are running high & Destiny is busy working her magic in the background of events this month –and with the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon of the 3rd it all begins on home turf…

Suddenly you’re so tuned into the domestic situation, and your instincts are so on point. You’re totally reading the family/co hab dynamics with astonishing clarity, and the emotional intelligence to cultivate healthy, sustainable, future oriented relationships with your tribe. Feels good to feel so connected huh?

And yes, a sweet Venus/Mars aspect from the 4th-7th is particularly favourable for Aries romance at home. It’s all about easy domestic bliss with your partner, or maybe time to shack up with someone special hmmm? Or if on the dating scene, staging your next hot date at home is most auspicious for easy, snuggly intimacy…ooh la la could be promising?

Meanwhile early July also reveals any new developments around your actual property/housing situation. If you’ve been considering a move, relocation, real estate deal, or just lushing up the Aries sanctuary with new décor/feng shui inspo –it’s a perfect time to make it happen! A beautiful, suitable home base from which to unleash your brilliance upon the world is happening…

Because the Partial Eclipse Full Moon of the 17th suddenly turns the spotlight onto the Aries career, and you want to be ready to embrace your full professional mojo pronto!

And it’s all about building upon previous efforts. Yes it’s time for rapid growth but you cultivate your existing talent/skill set & push your current gig to next level success more so than go charging off to brand new, hare brained schemes just yet… I mean you’ve come this far doing what you do, why not drill down on the full potential of that before you go changing horses midstream huh?

Image: Luke Nugent

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