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Full Moon in Sagittarius is here, exact 6.30pm June 17th AEST, and with Sag ruler Jupiter on this one it's such an uber blast of Sag energy, to trigger our most primal yearning for personal freedom.

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month, and in Sag it's totally our most restless, thrill-seeking emo going on. We're bored to tears by the mundane, over bourgeois expectations in our relationships & busting to cut loose & express ourselves more freely... it's all about the call of the wild!

So yeah, there could be some bitching, rebellious irritability with anyone or anything trying to squash our exuberance right now. Especially with a control trippy Mars/Pluto opposition going on in the background; any convoluted power dynamics are more likely to reveal themselves today-but only because we get how tedious they are and frankly can't be bothered with that shizz.

We're ideally too busy keeping our intentions as broad, visionary and optimistic as possible. Folks, it's time to think big, focus on our best dreams and aim for the stars! Sag energy says yes you can be the best version of yourself and embrace your most magnificent potential in the world right now-because limiting self doubt is so yesterday & we've got better things to do...

So lucky that Mars/Pluto vibe is also perfect for the gutsy transformation to rise above whatever dramas etc & seize our most empowered personal potential instead, should we choose to confidently embrace the challenge of self mastery? Yes, and our best relationships have the emotional dynamic of fully supporting one another's brilliance to this end- ooh la la could be some hot, passionate, courageous connections hitting their stride under these stars! It's sexy, brave and authentic as fuq.

Happy Sag Full Moon xxx

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