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Well Uranus in your sign has been opening up your pretty little mind to new, more innovative versions of being you lately; which has been a refreshing perspective on the Taurus life plan?

I’m just saying that if you’re rolling with the wild light-bulb moments going on in your own head for maximum personal clarity; the better to embrace the crazy, liberating new circumstances forcing you to ditch the comfort zone & walk your authentic talk in the world? Yes, as much as this could be a challenging process at times, you’re more on track than you know…

Especially with Venus in your sign early June, your sparkly charisma in the world is such a natural thing-just because you’re happy rocking your own best version of being you.

And isn’t it the way that just when you’re happily doing your own sweet thing you become a magnet for all kinds of attention? Whether romantic attraction/everyone chasing your sexy gorgeousness or professional/social respect for your brilliant talent, you’re hot property right now! Especially the Full Moon of the 17th, on lucky Jupiter in your intimacy sector -could be passionate date night?

And the New Moon of the 3rd is a chance to focus your clearest intentionality toward your earning potential in the world. Especially with Venus in your earning sector from the 9th it’s all about fab financial confidence, abundance and manifesting good coin just cos you’re so goddamn talented & charming in the world…go you.

Image: Ana Beatrice Barros

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