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New Moon in Gemini exact 8pm June 3rd, AEST. And to the extent New Moons are always a shiny, fresh new perspective on our emotional lives, Gemini is an especially sparkly, playful energy to have a good time with...

And there's not too many heavy planetary influences to bring our high-vibes down here; so we get to enjoy the kaleidoscopic possibilities of expressing our full emotional range with an easier, lighter attitude. It' time to have some fun with life!

Because ideally, mystical Neptune involved lends us a spectacular capacity to magically manifest our most visionary dreams just by the conscious intention of believing in them, and embracing whatever exquisite love chemistry is going on in our lives with unconditional emotional acceptance... could be such a lovely time to follow our bliss!

And/or we want to watch out for the undertow of Neptunian substance abuse, playing the passive/victim card, flimsy interpersonal boundaries to lose ourselves in other people's crap etc... no no no it's so important to keep it beautifully high frequency right now!

Happy, shiny Gemini New Moon folks-let's enjoy the moment x

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