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So lucky Jupiter retrograde in your biz sector is promising such great career prospects right now, but maybe annoyingly slow to deliver until he turns direct & gets things moving from August?

But you don’t care. You’re not wasting your time getting frustrated with any temporarily thwarted plans –you’re to busy thinking long-term success! Especially around the New Moon of the 17th your vocational instincts are so on point, in terms of projecting your most visionary ambitions into the Pisces life plan…

Because meanwhile Mars on the Destiny Point in your talent sector is spectacular clarity about what you’re really good at, how to make it work for you and the determination to do the actual work to make it happen. Yes the next few months are ace for polishing your shiny brilliance to prepare for future opportunities –especially when Mara hits your day-job sector from early July for a bit of professional momentum.

And you’re also pretty happy lushing up your personal life, with the New Moon of the 3rd in your domestic sector joined by Venus from the 9th. It’s all about cultivating healthy family/co-hab/romantic dynamics at home, for some lovely domestic harmony to fill your cup this month. So sweet, because at the end of the day it’s the simple things like coming home to a home for the heart that really matters huh?

Image: Mira Nedyalkova

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