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So with both the New Moon of the 3rd and the Full Moon of the 17th triggering dreamy Neptune in your sex/intimacy sector? Your emotional situation is vibing pretty passionate, and there is a yearning for a more meaningful/soulful connection in your personal life.

Which may or may not feel realistic. I mean yes it’s the season for attracting soulmates/wildly exciting romance action and kindred spirits to hang out with socially; which is a beautiful thing of course and best enjoy the magical interpersonal synchronicity & emotional thrills coming at you here…

But also strange misunderstandings, sketchy personal boundaries & fantasy scenarios could be tricky, and best handled with care & subtle emotional finesse to sort the sublime connections from the merely absurd.

Because Mars on the Destiny Point in your soul sector mid month says forget about whatever external stuff you can’t control, and turn yourself on with the internal locus of power that comes from looking within & trusting your own genius instincts instead.

The better to have clear intentions ready, when Mars hits your sign from July 1st and you get out there with a fierce, sexy new confidence to actively make stuff happen in the world! Including chasing up whatever love action makes sense to you by then…

So patience baby, it’s worth biding your time/scheming & dreaming this month –you’re just preparing to get your groove on and it’s gonna be great when you do!

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