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So lucky, expansive Jupiter in your vision sector has you all fired up to chase some big dreams in the world. Maybe an insistent wanderlust has you itching for a travel bender? Or the call of higher education, to broaden your professional horizons? Or just feeling tetchy, and impatient as fuq to break out of certain restrictive scenarios to score a bit of much-needed personal freedom?

Either way it’s a restless, hungry feeling & all about expanding your mind/perception of what’s possible in your life, and chasing your broader horizons in the world to go with that. Especially with the Jupiter-fuelled Full Moon of the 17th, your dynamic, exuberant lust for life is such a beautiful, positive thing!

But to the extent Jupiter is retrograde till July, you may feel like the actual, dramatic breakthrough you are waiting for is so close –but still just out of reach this month? And that’s ok, because meanwhile the New Moon of the 3rd is a chance to drill down on the details, & focus your busy mind on finessing the specific dialogues/ networking opportunities that are most likely to open doors in the long term. A bit of savvy, intelligent hustling certain key opportunities could work a treat here?

Also because Mars/Saturn in your biz sector is such a sharp, pragmatic, potentially major lucrative vocational vibe that you kind of want to pay attention to. You’ve got several months ahead of this, so time to work your most powerful, challenging, game-changing professional goals with gutsy efficiency. Yes it’s the season to persevere with this-don’t give up now!

And love? Chatty Mercury & luvvy Venus in your communication sector says whoever is turning you on right now –don’t forget to let them know you care. Flirty repartee/deep and meaningful us chats, according to your situation is your romantic superpower this month.

Image: Lucia Jonova by Anja Frers for Quality Magazine 2012

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