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So Uranus in your love sector has been softening you up lately, to drop at least some of those (admit it) control freaky tendencies of yours in personal relationships:

As in a healthy grasp of the things you can’t control where certain loved ones are concerned, hmmm? Maybe a bit more unconditional acceptance of one another’s proclivities etc to keep it real, & a fresh dynamic between you to move forward. Or a broader, more open minded attitude to where the next rocking attraction could be coming from –if you happen to be on the prowl for new connections in your life?

So it’s all very liberating for the Scorpio love paradigm right now, and to that end the New Moon of the 5th is so inspiring. A timely new development could move some key relationship in the right direction, one way or the other. Or reveal a new contender for your affections –and if so yes it’s promising but watch out, maybe not quite how you expect!

I mean Mars opposing lucky Jupiter from your intimacy sector, and Mercury/Uranus is perfect to embrace an expansive new version of courageous loving, even if it’s challenging to bust out of old patterns to do so. Or even releasing some conflict scenario with a more generous, live & let live attitude, the better to move forward. And how good is the fresh perspective you get from all this? Then the better to enjoy whatever romantic surprises the Scorpio Full Moon of the 19th reveals –again, the more open minded you are to the fab new attractions/renewed connection with someone special here the better.

Meanwhile Venus is lushing up your creative confidence/professional charm on the job for the first half of the month; because your biz/financial prospects are so good right now you want to work them to maximum advantage huh?

Image: Cristian Girotto

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