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So to the extent you’ve got Uranus just in the early stages of shaking up your 8th house of personal entanglements, and newly open-minded about how best to roll with new-paradigm relating in your life? The New Moon of May 5th helps to finesse the emotional nuance & clarify the direction of whatever connections most matter to you right now.

And they could all be happening at once of course. So if you feel a bit overwhelmed by the demands of various sexual/intimate/family dynamic/biz/financial relationships, just know it’s your season to work that gorgeous charm of yours to keep it all sweet; I mean harmonious relationship skills are your thing, right? And no better time to bring some authentic intentions to cultivating the right vibe with the right people…

Especially with your ruler, love goddess Venus in your love/intimacy sectors until early June… when it comes to romance it’s totally Libra mating season right now! Sparkling frisson/rocking chemistry/next level bonding with someone gorgeous is so on the cards. And with Chiron involved, it could actually be quite a healing experience to give yourself (and your lover) permission to love a bit more fearlessly. Or, if things are tricky, at least deal with a little more vulnerability about whatever’s going on huh?

Then Mars in your biz sector, just in time for the Full Moon of the 19th in your income sector is pretty cool. Any fierce work ethic you hook into here is that much more likely to pay off financially -so if you feel inspired to hustle some good coin for what you do late month? Yes, look sharp you may just be onto something!

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