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So your ruling planet, Saturn in sync with Pluto for the next 12 months has you ready to bust a move on ever more authentic versions of being you. It’s like empowering personal transformation 101 this year and baby, you’re so up for it!

And to the extent Uranus in your self-expression sector is totally firing up the process; in terms of cutting loose and living with that much more fun, exuberant, spontaneous lust for life? The New Moon of the 5th is fab permission to spark all that up, for some beautiful, confident moxy in the world for the month. Why not live a little, the better to readily embrace your full potential in the world right now.

Meanwhile, Mars in your day job sector for the first half of May is a pretty good way to focus all this positive energy. I mean being such an ambitious creature, you love a bit of fierce work ethic to turn you on –and yes you’re even more driven than ever in early May, so might as well focus on the most realistic opportunity to succeed right now, and do something about it huh?

Then Mars into your partnership sector and Venus into your playful romance sector from the 16th is such a delightful combo, to bring your attention to thoughts of love from mid month. It’s a fun, easy vibe and all about keeping it light and sparky for best results. Especially with Venus buzzing on Uranus for the Full Moon of the 19th, you want to be enjoying your lover’s company just for the simple thrill of it sans too much heavy expectation. And if single, being out and about flirting up a storm could totally scare up some cool attraction potential here… enjoy!

Image: Toni & Guy by Amparo Carratalá by David Arnal

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