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So to the extent you’re all shook up after several years of Uranus dismantling the Aries paradigm, and trying to get your head around the new normal? I mean it’s liberating to feel free of all that baggage you’ve been madly ditching lately, but still a tad uncertain what this new chapter is going to look like?

It’s nice, and kinda perfect timing to have the healer Chiron embarking on several years in your sign, to find a fresh comfortability in your skin and renewed, healthy sense of who you are in the world.

Yes there’s lots of beautiful self-discovery going on for you right now; and Venus in your sign for the first half of the month is excellent for the right kind of gorgeous, self-assured confidence to keep it positive. You’ve got a handle on just how talented you are and how to make that work for you. And you’re all shiny with good looks & romantic charisma –so you’re hot property & totally auspicious to be loving it up with your lover, or if single out on the scene flirting up a storm.

Especially around mid month, where Venus/Uranus are electrifying any sexy attractions, and the Full Moon of the 19th is a seduction opportunity-with maybe the sweet dialogue for next level emotional connection?

Meanwhile, Uranus is turning you on to possible, exciting new versions of making good coin on your own terms. And to this end the New Moon of the 5th is a bit of savvy, intelligent inspo about finessing the income stream this month. Which only gets better with Venus into your earning sector from the 16th, and some easy financial confidence to keep the abundance flowing. So good.

Image: via skatergirl studies, unable to find original source for this image

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