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Mars in your biz sector from April 1st sets you up for 6 weeks of powerhouse motivation and raw work ethic to nail the Virgo career situation. Especially with Uranus just in your vision sector your ambitious schemes & dreams are that much more wildly expansive; so you’re gonna need as much brazen moxy as possible to pull them off –and baby you’ve got it in spades right now, don’t you know? Excellent.

Because meanwhile the New Moon of the 5th is a fresh perspective on your personal entanglements, to set the tone for a weird and wonderful kind of mating season this month:

You have Saturn insisting that clear boundaries and basic emotional discipline/a healthy attitude toward commitment are required right now; the better to navigate any transformative developments in your love life (thank you passionate Pluto in your romance sector) with crystal clear clarity –which is so your thing of course.

Which is lucky, cos Venus/Neptune in your relationship sector is a spooky, magical love vibe that can range all the way from sublime, exquisite soul mating to the most bonkers delusional fantasy scenarios, or sketchy misunderstandings with your lover that frankly aren’t necessary if you keep it real, huh? So yes, clear intentions and high-end romantic inspo are the everything right now!

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