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How lovely is the playful New Moon of the 5th to inspire your creative process, confident self-expression and beautiful joy de vivre for the month! Yes, life is ready to be embraced and it’s your season to enjoy it just for the thrill of being alive and feeling gloriously comfortable in your own skin…how divine.

I mean Saturn hassling you in recent years was productive, but also a drag (thank god that’s over); so now with your lucky, positive ruler Jupiter in your sign for 2019 you’re so ready to thrive & frankly beyond accepting anything less than bliss. Good, and baby early April confirms your capacity to live a life that generates joy. There’s never been a better time to believe in yourself and the dolce vita, beautiful existence that you fully deserve.

Especially with the Full Moon of the 19th pulling Venus into your play sector, your creative spark, brilliant innate talent and incandescent confidence in the world is at such an all time high-omg it’s really your time to shine, so don’t go changing or underestimated your gorgeous self now huh?

Also Venus brings some truly lovely romantic inspo your way: Quality time with your partner, to lush each other up and feel that much more cherished? Or if single, flirting it up on the scene with shameless charisma –and I tell you what you’ve got the magnetic allure to pull it off right now you sexy thing.

Extra especially with Mars in your love sector, its kind of mating season for the next few months. Just so you know you’re so much more likely to have someone sexy chasing you up, and fully ready to match that fiery passion of yours. Omg thank fuq, less wimpy half-assed scenarios and more ardent, hot-blooded loving coming up. Especially if you’re into men, the kind you like are pretty thick on the ground right now, or a special someone working his masculine charms upon you –nice one.

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