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Venus consorting with your ruler Neptune in your sign mid month is a spectacular awakening of that magical, mystical, spooky allure & cosmic/spiritual alignment of yours:

Your creative inspo is sublime, the arty types among you may want to get on the tools & make do some fabulous work.

Your financial intelligence is set to actual magical manifestation. As in wealth/coin/abundance literally appears out of nowhere, to the extent your intentions/visualisation are as clear as a bell and you act accordingly of course. Which is a hell of a lot better than the other option here, which is literally watching all your coin disappear into thin air due to lazy financial management/being swindled or sleazing around trying to swindle someone else/blowing all your cash on something shiny..that may or not be worth it?

Your intuition-usually pretty sharp-is set to full blown psychic levels. You can pretty much read people’s minds now, smell new developments in the air just before they happen & telepathically communicate should you wish-especially in close personal/romantic relationships. Which also benefit form that Piscean compassion –if you can feel into other people’s moods feelings you can more easily empathise with them –unless of course you intuit their intentions are sketchy, in which case you switch on your clear, healthy boundaries/run a mile quicksmart.

And your personal allure is set to ravishing! Venus Neptune is the ultimate, ultra feminine, Love Goddess mystique. So apart form having a glowing complexion/perfect hair/the glamour factor od bang on styling –you’re looking good, you’re also a wicked flirt, dangerously charming, delightful to be around, intoxicatingly mysterious and basically ridiculously charismatic. Oh my, look out world!

Meanwhile, the new Moon od the 5th is good for keeping an eye on your financial choices-again they’re more game-changing than usual right now. And the Full Moon of the 19th reveals the subtleties of some key dialogue going on in your love life -listen up?

image: Angel M Fitor;Underwater Natural History Photography

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