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Your ruling planet Venus, messing round with spooky Neptune mid month stirs up such magical, mystical yearnings in you, so you’re quite the little dreamer right now.

Which is inspiring and all, but Neptune being a tricky piece of work it’s your challenge to find a solid expression for this in your work/practical /material reality sector -I mean it could go a few ways:

Ideally it’s a sense of meaningful purpose, to cultivate the creative discipline to work at your day job reality and ensure you’re doing something you love for a living? And/or let Mars in your vision sector whisk you off on some big adventure, to find new travel/life-path/vocational inspo outside the usual comfort zone? And meanwhile keep an eye on the whole healthy lifestyle/holistic wellbeing thing; to keep the body clean and mean to power you forward?

Which is a hell of a lot better than the low Neptune temptations of swanning around in lazy procrastination, professional self sabotage because you just can’t be bothered to succeed or stoopid/hare brained get-rich-quick schemes etc. And skanky lifestyle choices? Yeah no, just in case you’re wondering day drinking etc really doesn’t cut it right now, lol.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 5th is a fresh, realistic perspective on the key relationships in your life –Saturn says the people who really matter deserve the proper commitment & emotionally disciplined communication to get it right, huh? Then the Full Moon of the 19th is a sexier, more playful vibe for love & romance. Ready to bring some emotional confidence to next level intimacy with your lover/some hot new contender or what?

Image; Paolo Roversi

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