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So how about Venus/Neptune triggering your most intoxicating romantic/sexual fantasies mid month! Could be a sublime intimate connection with Mr/Mrs special in your life –to feel closer then ever? Could be a crazy synchronous, out of the blue seduction scenario with someone new -but is this a truly destinal connection or just a moment of madness, hmmm? Or simply a chance to reflect upon just how wildly mysterious love is –how much you can’t control it for the moment and making your own peace with that...

Either way it’s kind of weird Leo mating season this month. Embrace the romance magic, it could be thrilling -but also watch any loony tunes, delusional behaviour that could bring you emotionally undone, know what I mean?

Especially with the Full Moon of the 19th all about picking up the subtlest emotional cues from any dialogues in your life, and engaging with sufficient sensitivity to finesse the communication dynamic for optimum mutual understanding.

And this could totally work in any tricky biz/financial negotiations and also yes; particularly true for feeling into next level intimacy with your lover or if single, taking the time to scope out some new attraction with spooky insight into where it could be going without actually forcing anything just yet.

Meanwhile, the New Moon of the 5th also awakens your most visionary attitude to life generally. You’re dreaming and scheming big and why not? Uranus newly in your vocational sector says pretty much any life plan is possible, so long as you have the courage and brazen moxy to pull it off –this is your thing! Yes it’s a great time to live large and believe in your dreams, they kind of feel more possible than ever right now so why not go for it already…

Image: Gemma Ward for Vogue Paris

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