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So Mars in your sign from April 1st is pretty hawt! You’re suddenly so energised to put yourself out there in the world with renewed confidence, and it feels good to feel so authentically good about yourself huh?

Especially with the New Moon of the 5th you’re rocking such powerful charisma on your social scene to network effectively/connect with your wider tribe, the better to tune into the current zeitgeist and rock your most brilliant influence in the world. And renewed bonds with a close knit circle of friends or someone special could be just the thing, to remind you of the value of mutual support and lovely camaraderie in your life…

Because so much of your expansive personal growth comes via the relationship dynamic right now–you learn so much about yourself via other people; their reactions to you and how this spurs you on to be a better version of yourself, the better to cultivate more positive connection with all your loved ones. Yes, and lucky Jupiter in your partnership sector says this could be totally excellent for your love/romantic life to open up for sure.

Meanwhile Venus/Neptune has you showing off your most inspired talent for maximum biz/career success around the 10th. You’re either daydreaming on the job, slacking off in denial of your full potential OR working your professional magic in the world mid month –let’s go for the latter, obviously.

Image: Jerry Hall by Helmut Newton

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