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So what is the New Moon of the 5th telling you about the state of the Capricorn home life, I wonder? I mean to the extent you are so inspired to create the ideal domestic scenario to support you right now; the healer Chiron alerts you to any issues you need to address/resolve to make it happen.

Could be as practical as finessing a property/real estate situation, cleaning up your décor or the logistics of a house move to score the perfect physical environment to live in? Could be the emotional subtleties of clarifying your family dynamic, or getting along with housemates/whoever you share your space with?

Yes it’s a great time to know exactly how you want to create your personal sanctuary and with whom… and I tell you what the Full Moon of the 19th will reveal any feelings/instincts you may have been previously ignoring here? Because by the time Venus turns up from the 21st you have a gorgeous new flow to manifest the most beautiful home for your heart. Nice one, you’re so ready for this!

And the better to support your progress out in the world this month:

Because Mars in your day job sector revs up that spectacular ambition and fierce work ethic you’re so famous for. You’re all hot & bothered to get ahead –and even more than usual it’s gonna require your best gritty, determined hard yakka to pull it off in the next few months. I mean most signs would baulk at the workload/professional challenges here, but you love it! When the world/your boss/clients whatever say step up and prove your mettle? You say yes I goddamn can and totally nail it-but you already know this right? A bit of single-minded focus goes a very long way here…

And love? You’re either cosily shacked up, or if single you schedule your next hot date on cosy home turf, for best results.

Image: Halina Mrozek

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