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Venus is now in Aquarius (from March 2nd-28th), and after the tight discipline of Capricorn Venus lately it's a relief to shake it up and enjoy a more liberated approach to love, mating, beauty, biz and art. The better to have fun being as kooky, unique and flamboyant as we like in our personal expression, professional brilliance and personal relationships. OMG Especially with Aqua ruler, Uranus rut busting our safety zones big time in Venus ruled Taurus; it's time to walk on the wild side a bit and embrace the changing circumstances in our lives as an opportunity for fabulous growth, rather than resist the inevitable new chapter coming at us, huh?

​Image: Rosalind Russel, Auntie Mame


So whilst Venus usually favours prerogatives like giddy romantic attraction and sexual desirability in relationships, Aquarius is possibly the most platonically inclined sign of all; tending to prioritise things like loyalty, friendship, intellectual rapport, compatibility, ethical relating and respecting one another's personal space. Which is actually pretty sexy, in the sense that we give one another permission to be our true selves and appreciate the differences that attracted us in the first place; rather than so much trying to beat our lovers into submission to our brittle expectations of them, right?

So any new connections seeding right now are built on a solid bedrock of genuine friendship: and many a 'platonic buddy but with deeper chemistry simmering under the surface' thing will be revealing itself more fully here. Or perhaps you're in an established romance and realising you have to be better friends; by offering the respect of a bit more unconditional support/emotional breathing space at this point in order to allow each other, and your love to evolve and really flourish? And more than ever; even if romance aint happening right now, it's your gorgeous friends and fab social network that steps in to look after you and fill your cup just when you need it. Love comes in many forms and Aquarius energy is brilliant at reminding us of this...

Which requires a certain kind of emotional detachment; which certainly doesn't mean we care or feel less, but that our love is so genuine and grand that we offer it with a truly unconditional, fearless generosity. Which is the opposite of the kind of obsessively limbic, sexually adrenal, fear-based (fear of not being loved enough, that is), turbulent, demanding passion we often mistake for true love. It's an interesting lesson, to love a little more lightly and freely; and one we are all having a little look at right now.

Especially around the Full Moon of the 22nd, Venus squaring of her lover Mars is a pretty thrilling, electrifying romantic/sexual tension with someone potentially game changing to turn us on; if we are ready to grab it with minimal control freakery/heavy expectations etc about outcomes? Maybe we get to explore our most fabulously individualistic/unpredictable/unpindownable/eccentric/freely passionate /kinky/queer/unconditional/whatever rocks our boat relationship vibes -for a good time and maybe a wildly new version of compatibility?

Tis the season to be gloriously liberated in love and we don't care who knows it!


And Venus rules beauty and style. Aquarius doesn't dress like everyone else (or so they say). Yes we're fashion forward/switched on to the latest zeitgeist but what we really love is rocking our own, unique look with a bold fuq-you to whatever the general consensus/high street says this season is supposed to look like:

Image: Helmut Newton

Image: Angelica Huston in Thierry Mugler by Ara Gallant

The Aquarian look can swing from wildly, flamboyantly, rebelliously aesthetically flashy/provocative to quite utilitarian, unfussy clean lines. In any case Aqua is usually quite a modern, edgy, streamlined look as opposed to re-hashing anything too sentimentally vintage or busy with fussy detail. Lighter/brighter colours-even a flash of flouro, and anything in the blue/aqaumarine/silver palette range, in clothes or jewellery are good.

Image: "Futuristic Girl" by Hartono Hosea

And hair. Leo is officially the sign of big, shiny hair consciousness but it turns out that it's usually Aquarians who have the most fabulous manes. If you are thinking about a new hair thing or making an extra effort to show off your locks, Venus in Aqua totally works!

And skincare is cutting edge dermatological technology and ethical- Aquarius is big on principles, which of course includes animal rights; so if you still have any animal tested gunk in your beauty cabinet (and don't forget that hair dye and any eyeliner/mascara/eye products are highly likely to be thus compromised), now is a great time to clear it out and replace it all with lovely, cruelty free brands. Now that is real beauty!


And Venus rules art, and in Aquarius we express our highest principles/political convictions via creative expression. Let's endeavour to say something meaningful, and constructively engage in whatever collective discussion is currently turning us on intellectually -and there's plenty going on out there to engage with in these wild political times! Especially railing against the dominant paradigm- Aqua energy is nothing if not spectacularly free thinking & rebellious right?

And Venus rules prosperity in biz, and we make good coin right now doing it on our own terms no matter what. Maybe the most fearlessly maverick among us, offering something a bit future oriented/ethical/truly innovative in the world are most likely to make financial headway this month?

Happy Venus in Aquarius folks, lets have a good time with the new possibilities coming up here x

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