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So the New Moon of the 7th pulls your focus toward the Libra day job/work/lifestyle paradigm for the month –but gosh it’s a tricky one to figure out! Neptune is all over this one with your most truly inspired, destinal sense of your true vocational calling:

Which could totally throw up magical synchronicity to manifest your clearest career intentions with some perfect opportunity in the world! Oh yes, especially with Venus in your talent sector you’re so goddam brilliant at what you do; so the force is with you if you keep your aspirations in line with your core competency and keep it high end & positively motivated right? Gosh you could be reaching for the stars if you play your cards right here…

Because you also want to watch the Neptunian temptation to indulge any lazy, escapist, delusional or addictive lifestyle behaviour coming up, that could interfere with your clear, clean functioning in the world right now huh? Especially with Mercury retro on this one; keep an eye on the details of any key decisions coming up-and maybe no signing contracts/firm decisions if you can help it, until Mercury direct from the end of the month?

Then the Libra Full Moon of the 21st is a rising up of whatever you’ve been busting to express lately. And not just because Full Moons in our sign always trigger our most kinaesthetic, authentic reactions, to reveal our true feelings about whatever is going on. But also, Chiron bang on this Moon digs way deeper into your relationship dynamics; to really get a handle on your core vulnerability/wounding around the key connections in your life. Because to the extent they’re coming up big time here, is a clue that you’re so ready to address the issues & do the healing work of mutual understanding/forgiveness/assertive communication with genuine, effective emotional realism. Well done you, this could be so rewarding for your personal life…

And yes, this could be Libra mating season! Sexy Mars in your intimacy sector square luvvy Venus in your romance sector? Ooh la la. Primo time for fiery attraction chemistry to rev up your current connection, or if single way more likely to meet someone new to turn you on. Yep, if you have the courage to embrace real, challenging, exciting connection love could totally rock your world this month hmmm?

Image: Esther Cañadas by Ellen Von Unwerth, Vogue Italia

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