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The New Moon of the 5th inspired you to pull yourself together with healthy lifestyle choices & clear professional intentions to come at Feb as best as you can -and of course no one cleans up their act like a Virgo. When you decide on a course of action you tend to stick with the programme and get it right; and early Feb is primo time to finesse the plan and control freak the details of whatever you want to do with your life right now –you love this!

And you do want to be ready to roll; because Mars into your adventure sector from mid Feb awakens such visceral restlessness within you, to energise whatever big, visionary plans you have been brewing lately. Whether it’s taking a risk on liberating travel/relocation/career/study/new lifestyle opportunities…you suddenly feel a rush of energetic motivation to do something about it...

Because even the smallest step you take in the right direction this month sets you up for the fab, game-changing new chapter of exploring your own potential that is Uranus in your adventure sector from March onwards-for several years ahead of bold personal growth. Yep, life is about to get real interesting, promising and expansive babe -ready or not.

Meanwhile Venus/Saturn mid month grounds your visionary inspo with a super realistic, perfectionist creative discipline that becomes you. Constantly finessing whatever you are good at, in order to keep your talent/vocational performance at peak integrity? Yes, this is your so your thing!

And Venus/Saturn also exacerbates your most discerning, quality control instincts when it comes to romance. Which is great if you’re on the dating scene, for sussing out the truly magical attractions vs the plain old delusional (yep, Neptune in your love sector brings both kinds)-and make intelligent choices about who you let in? And also good for a bit of skilful, sensitive handling of any issues coming up in your relationship, if partnered –to cultivate your best, gorgeous compatibility long term?

But (admit it) any tendency toward recreational nagging/criticism/nitpicking/control freaking your lover’s behaviour right now? (Which only reflects any emotional overwhelm you are struggling with, right?) Not so much, obviously.

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