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So how about February beginning with the New Moon of the 5th in your relationship sector, with lucky Jupiter in your romance sector and magical, dreamy Neptune in your sex/intimacy sector? Um… all fired up about your most passionate love life much?

Maybe you’re already madly in love/maybe you’re happily partnered/maybe single (lovelorn?), but some spooky new attraction soon has you fascinated? One way or the other your romantic antennae is likely to be fully stimulated this month… and all fired up to woo, thrill, seduce, intoxicate, and maybe even pursue next level commitment in this gorgeously promising/fulfilling connection…

And I tell you what, nobody makes their love interest feel truly desired &special like a Leo, you are the consummate lover when you put your mind to it -but you already knew that right? So your innate romantic confidence is beautifully inspired right now, and so much more likely that someone special /worthy of your charms is reciprocating with equal fervour. And ok with Neptune/Jupiter it may or may not be realistic, but then again with Venus/Saturn mid month you are quite commitment savvy… and at the very a least a beautiful dream to turn you on. Ooh la la, looks like it could be Leo mating season!

Ok and love or not/whatever. We also have to talk about the game changing fabulosity that is Mars firing up your biz sector from mid month, preparing you for Uranus blowing open your professional potential from March -for the next seven years. Yes, you are about to embark upon one of the most exciting, risky, brilliant chapters of your vocational evolution ever!

Maybe you are busy hustling a cool new version of what you already do –it might only take a few key tweaks to align your current gig with the radical new aspirations coming up for you? Or maybe you are about to fearlessly abandon a tired old career path, in favour of something fresh & scarily unknown, that just feels right? Or maybe life throws you a bonkers upheaval that you embrace with alacrity, and rewarded with a whole new, unexpected opportunity? I mean either way it’s going to positively challenge & stimulate you to get your creative juices flowing which you love, right?

Image; Nadja Auermann for Richard Avedon for the Pirelli calender

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