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Is it true that you guys are amongst the extroverts of the zodiac? I mean your sparkly, engaging personality and total love of verbal stimulation indicates that you thrive on external, social stimulation. But also being a mutable sign you have that complex, hidden side that defies easy analysis and needs plenty of space to do your own thing to tune into that mysterious muse of yours that not everyone else gets... you are a bit of an enigma, I’ll give you that.

And I’m only bringing this up to the extent Uranus has been hyper-stimulating your social butterfly charisma out & about on the scene & sense of belonging amongst your tribe for the last several years… and now your attention turns a bit more within, as Uranus hits your soul sector from March onwards. It’s not so much withdrawing from the world entirely, as just enough inner focus to fill your cup with some personal development/spiritual practice/yoga/therapeutic solo time etc. Yes, and there’s so much inspiration incoming if you can honour this imperative to connect with your true nature, yes?

Especially with Mars on Uranus then into your soul sector mid Feb, you get a clue about how to do regenerative inner time with excellent, empowering, shamanic self awareness-so character building, so fulfilling and so good.

Meanwhile Venus/Saturn in your intimacy sector brings a similar level of powerful authenticity to your love life. Especially with lucky Jupiter looking to grow your relationships to new levels, this is primo astro for:

Consolidating your partnership/love affair with sober, mature intention toward realistic, compatible, truly fulfilling long term commitment. Or if entertaining some new attraction getting how this thing could have more serious/long term gravitas or useful emotional challenge and giving it the necessary time to unfold? Or hitting a tricky patch with someone/doing solo time for a while to fill your own cup- and the necessary emotional discipline to process that, sans attachment to what coulda/shoulda been whatever? Because ultimately, your love life is pointing toward more positive, liberating outcomes-it’s just a little reality check now, to ensure you’re on the right track to embrace it with a properly positive, open-minded attitude.

Image: Paolo Roversi

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