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So how about Uranus in your vocational sector for the last seven years, where a series of clever little life tweaks -and ok radical upheaval where necessary- have added up to such an inspired, drastically game changing new chapter of your overall life plan/career paradigm that you couldn’t possibly have predicted several years ago huh?

And as you reflect on how far you’ve come already, Uranus switching signs from March reminds you how many cool new aspirations, lifestyle options & social networking with your true tribe you have set yourself up to enjoy; the better to rock your world & keep evolving over the next several years… no boring ruts for you babe, you’re on the move…

Which makes the Mars/Uranus action of mid month such an excellent clue about whatever is going to turn you on in this new chapter of your life, for a bit of immediate motivation.

Especially with lucky, expansive Jupiter in your day job sector –you are all about the most liberated, freewheeling version of doing your professional thing, with maximum work/life flexibility, And with help from the New Moon of the 5th to sharpen your financial/biz savvy (pretty good at the best of times) to work smarter not harder; making a good living in an efficient way, that actually serves the life you want to live? Yes you’re onto it!

Meanwhile this New Moon is also great for a bit of sexy chemistry and renewed emotional intimacy with your lover, or a cute little seduction opportunity, if you’re out on the prowl?

Also because Venus/Saturn in your love sector around the 18th is a bit of constructive romantic realism: Where you’re nurturing the intelligent compatibility, building your marital future and commitment potential with your partner –as you do so well. Or problem solving any issues in a tricky connection, to check out the veracity (or not) of making this thing work longer term? And/or maybe a genius biz/creative collaboration to fill your cup, and finessing the potential of this with those fab, interpersonal instincts of yours?

Image: Vogue 1930's, unable to find photographer credit for this photograph.

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