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Well electrifying change-god Uranus in your sign for the last 7 years has been a trip, right? You have presumably reinvented yourself a million times, managed to embrace some kind of liberated new approach to life and bravely dealt with all manner of upheavals with your own, inimitable determination to thrive no matter what. So well done you!

And as Uranus prepares to finally get out of your hair from early March; you get to reflect on just how far you’ve come; in terms of spunky personal growth and looking forward to fresh, clean, beautiful new possibilities in your life in 2019. So how about your ruler, Mars, hitting up Uranus Feb 14th for a brilliant clue about the next, game changing opportunity in your life; and just how ready you are to grab it by the horns and run with it huh?

Because then Mars into your earning sector from mid Feb is all about the moxy to fund this fab new stage of your life with your best financial confidence. Because following hot on the heels of Mars is Uranus from March -to rock your financial reality sideways for the next several years! Yes, your future income might be way more unpredictable and require a way more innovative, inventive approach than ever to seize any new opportunities; and you might want to get ready to keep up with that huh?

Especially with the Full Moon of the 20th in your work sector slaying any professional self-doubt by picking up on all this; and the highly intelligent, scarily efficient strategies to leverage your best talent/schmoozing skills to maximum advantage that is Venus/Saturn in your biz sector. You’re looking good, strutting your stuff in the world and, crucially, with a clear, meaningful plan and keen eye for the best opportunities to make it happen. So you aint about to be distracted by random show pony theatrics (as fun as they are) or pointless vanity projects/ego trips on the job right? Right???

And this fierce, genuine self-belief is pretty sexy for the Aries love life! It’s all about glorious romantic confidence, seductions happening at warp speed and trusting your libidinous instincts to love large & passionately no matter what -yeah baby.

Image:Vogue_Hellas, July 2012, Thanasis Krikis

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