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Total Leo Lunar Eclipse coming at us, exact 3.15pm Jan 21st, AEDT.

So Leo Full Moons are always a powerful emotional imperative to feel everything with full, vibrant, self aware authenticity. Whatever is coming up for us we want to keep it magnificently real, because it's good to feel alive in terms of knowing, and courageously owning exactly who we are and what we want out of life in any given situation right now.

Which is lucky, because with Uranus squaring this Moon quite a lot could be coming up for us, actually. Spontaneous realisations about our own needs/wild mood swings/changes of mind and swiftly changing circumstances/weird, unexpected situations to trigger our 'issues' /thrilling, game changing new opportunities ...coming at us ready or not! Emo roller coaster much?

So it's not so much control freaking stuff by trying to fake it/keep our feelings under wraps/protect the status quo/micro manage the details (forget it); we're gonna have to show up for this one for real, with the integrity of our true feelings -and adaptable enough to let the chips fall where they may as a consequence of that. Know what I mean?

Because of course this being a Total Lunar Eclipse, all of our feelings, instincts and responses here are amplified by like a million percent! Best get ready to deal with the intensity, ride the passions (good/bad/exciting/chaotic/whatever) and hold our own like the bravehearts that we are...

Also because this kind of Eclipse energy is wildly, swiftly, effectively transformative. If we ever wanted to take a risk on some apparently crazy yet genius, inspired new path in our life that just feels right? Or the confidence to bust out of some crappy, limiting old story about ourselves or pattern in our recent scenario that no longer serves us? And the game changing personal growth that comes with evolving at warp speed toward a better, brighter, more liberated version of ourselves? Yes folks... it might just be time to do it!

And also because being this true to ourselves amps up our stunning charisma in the world. And whether that's a chance to express our feelings with more passionate confidence in our relationships (and omg with a fiery Venus/Mars mating season right now this could be amazing), promoting our talent/creative brilliance career wise or just strutting around with our best, spunky, show pony theatrics for kicks -in Leo we love to roar with magnificent self belief and, you know, shine our gorgeous light just because we can!

So this cracker eclipse is a stunning chance to embrace our full potential, extend our warmest emotional generosity to one another and live large, there's so much to love about this energy.

Happy Leo Eclipse everyone xxx

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