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So one of the great things about January is the lovers, Venus & Mars, travelling in gorgeous synchronicity with one another... and when the planetary lovers are getting along so well, it can only bode well for the lovers amongst us, right?

This is a trine aspect, which is pretty flowing and easeful for romance at the best of times; it allows a free and expansive exchange of romantic energy without too much complicated nonsense. And especially with fire signs involved, it's extra hot-blooded and passionate to turn is on...

I mean Venus in Sagittarius, in sync with Sag ruler Jupiter is such magnificent romantic courage, trine Mars in his most ardent, sexually fervent element of Aries? Ooh la la that's pretty hot! And not only great for wildly enthusiastic attraction scenarios; but also the kind of positive, life-affirming relationships that help us to keep on growing and evolving into bold new romantic/life adventures with a truly open mind to possible outcomes. Yep, if you're in love, hoping to fall in love, exploring some new chemistry in your life or feel ready to meet someone new -this could be so promising.

It's active all January, and exact around Jan 18th if you're looking for your hottest/most auspicious date night/romantic convo this month?

Happy mating season folks, let's love large with beautiful romantic generosity as much as we can x

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