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So how is everyone's 2019 shaping up so far? It's a kind of dynamic new energy to get over the usual excuses, pick ourselves up from the delays/discontent of last year & set clear new intentions right? The better to attract more promising opportunities and, importantly, seize them when they do turn up!

Sun conjunct Pluto today is a nice little inspo to get our best personal transformation on. And hopefully preparing us for the game-changing chance to bust out of our tired comfort zones & thrive more effectively; with an open mind to more liberated ways of doing things as Uranus shakes up our Taurus status quo from early May onwards...

And I love the 4 of Cups- is one of my favourite tarot cards, to illustrate this post. The 4 of Cups reminds us how frequently and insistently the universe is prodding us to keep on growing, evolving and recognising the call to ever new challenging and inspiring new experiences, in order to feel fully, authentically alive. And also the human temptation to lock down into sooky divine discontent; when we get stuck in our tired old habits/boring comfort zones/limiting thinking that precisely resist the most wonderful opportunities going on around us...and then wonder why we feel so goddamn stuck & frustrated? Hmmm yes this card is brilliant, for a bit of self awareness about our own self-defeating bullshit and how to bust out of it!

There is a new paradigm upon us folks, sooner than we think & ready or not... let's keep it positive, motivated and productive, huh?

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