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So Mars charging into his home turf of Aries bang on Jan 1st (until mid Feb) has got to be auspicious for our powerful momentum into the New Year, right?

Mars rules our most basic vitality, lust for life, capacity for healthy assertiveness/anger and raw energy to drive forward whatever matters to us; and and this placement unleashes his most pure, unadulterated, fiercely dynamic, libidinous impatience to get on with it right fuqing now. OMG Mars loves being in Aries!

And so do we love the permission this gives us to grab our desires/ambitions/personal imperatives and make them happen through the sheer force of our will and personal determination to thrive... whatever turns us on & makes us feel more alive right now is so much more exciting, motivating and achievable, so if not now, when??

Because one of the lovely things about this placement is the capacity to inhabit the present moment, to the extent it's more satisfying than faffing about dwelling on past/future shizz we can't control. We can control the present moment-or at least we can control how we come at it with a positive, confident big YES to life as much as possible. Our great strength here is recognising the opportunities and life experiences that are ready to open up before us and embracing them in the exact moment they arrive, sans unnecessary procrastination/excuses whatever. And importantly, even if our desires require hard work to pull off (as they so often do) we have the true grit to stick with it and earn the satisfaction of making cool stuff happen in our lives. Carpe Diem, be courageous, seize the day and all that.

But of course the potential pitfalls of such a highly stimulated Mars are to do with unchecked ego, aggro and forcing dumb shizz/hare brained schemes/heated conflict scenarios just for the sake of instant gratification. So telling the difference between the fabulous success schemes/personal growth currently calling our name OR blundering forward on blind, habitual autopilot is gold; in terms of directing our powerful energy where it actually needs to be right now. Know what I mean? A bit of self awareness and sustained, focused discipline here goes a long way folks...

We are so sassy, spunky, confident and self empowered for the next 6 weeks it's ridiculous -especially via the Mars ruled areas of sex, seduction, professional ambition, fitness & healthy physical vitality. Also being warriors for whoever we care about or any important principles we need to stick up for and protect in the world. Let's focus all this firepower on whatever truly matters to us and keep it productive, positive and life affirming...

Happy Mars in Aries everyone -it's gonna be a cracker xxx

Image; this smoking hot picture has been shared a million times, but unable to find original source to credit it?

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