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January begins with Mars into your soul sector, to tune into your most powerful inner guidance and come to terms with your deepest driving force for the year ahead. You are gathering your clearest intentions about what really matters to you, in preparation for Mars into your sign mid February; when you’ll be ready to go forth and make it happen in the world with the most fab, fierce determination to thrive –so that’s something to look forward to huh?

But also, what you’re really preparing for here is Uranus into Taurus from March 2019, for 7 whole years ahead of sparky personal evolution. It’s going to turn you on to exceptionally cool, wildly unexpected, exciting, game-changing new opportunities in your life; and embracing your most liberated, free-thinking approach to your future ever …it’s gonna rock your gypsy soul!

So the New Moon partial Eclipse of the 6th in your adventure sector is a restless yearning that feels somehow meant to be… Some of the wilder, more thrilling plans you are entertaining here might just have legs; and if anyone can manifest a grand scheme into tangible reality with a bit of material savvy, gritty determination & perseverance it’s our Taurus! Oh yes you are such a powerful creatrix right now and you know it -go you.

And then the Full Moon total Eclipse of the 21st connects you beautifully with your most authentic emotional satisfaction at home. Maybe you score the ideal pad/domestic scenario you’ve been hoping for? Maybe your instincts are bang on regarding some real estate/property deal? Maybe your family/relationship dynamics work themselves out more satisfactorily?

And speaking of relationships, maybe Venus/Mars trine on this Eclipse reveal the full, passionate, even soul mate potential of a certain love story in your life? Romance and relationships are, ok, a bit intense if you’ve been avoiding full emo authenticity for some reason; but also sweetly promising, emotionally real deep and strangely karmic by late Jan… if you’re up for that?

Image: Patricija Dacic Photography

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