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2019 is upon us and the January horoscopes are here, to fire us up for a most exciting year ahead:

I mean as we reflect upon 2018, a year full of retrogrades & often stalled plans; we can give thanks for all the gritty personal growth and just how well we have endured and persevered under what has been some high pressure challenges, right? And I predict that 2019 will be a cracker of a year, to pull together all this hard won determination to thrive and power forward with a fabulous new momentum! Let's pick ourselves up, pedal to the metal and go for it...

We have Mars powering into his home turf of Aries from Jan 1st for the sheer, raw vitality and lust for life to seize the day, and so auspicious to live with the most fierce, life-affirming determination to thrive no matter what this year.

Whatever turns us on right now is such a driving force, so we're not so much dithering around making excuses as claiming some healthy instant gratification and momentum in all of our important endeavours -if not now, when???

We have Jupiter on home turf in Sag to fire up our most restless, adventurous wildling desire to be free. Time to chase up any liberating new plans to do with travel/relocation/expanding our professional horizons/busting out of any tedious obligations that have been holding us back... we're claiming our most autonomous, visionary life plans to live large on our own terms one way or the other.

And especially with Venus/Jupiter action mid month, we get to explore the most exciting & expansive version of our personal relationships/romance, to embrace a healthy love life that supports our growth...and maybe loving our loved ones with more magnificent, open hearted emotional generosity than ever?

We have Uranus in Taurus, to shake up any redundant attachments to so-called security in our lives; with a fresh perspective on money/material well being to help us to grow, earn a decent living on more flexible terms and thrive beyond our current comfort zone. This could be so rewarding!

We have a partial New Moon Eclipse on the 6th and a total Full Moon Eclipse on the 21st for a month of fast paced emotional transformation -to help us ditch old emo crap and phoenix into a whole new chapter of living with dynamic, powerful emotional authenticity - ready or not.

And for a brief look at the influence of Chinese astro this year: 2018 was Year of the Dog which has involved dogged loyalty to our on goals/personal obligations and sticking to our principles no matter what -which has been so beautifully character building but also gosh, a bit of hard yakka. And 2019 is the Year of the Pig -a much more pleasure oriented, instant gratification vibe where we allow ourselves to really enjoy the rewards of our labours and you know -have a good time for a change. Yay!

So a very happy New Year and here's to a fab January folks...let's make it a good one xxx

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Image: Aleksandra Aleks

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