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So Mars firing up your relationship sector from Jan 1st –mid Feb has got to be an auspicious start to the Libra love life for 2019 huh? Not only is your own romantic confidence running high and ready for positive action, but you are that much more likely to experience tangible attraction with someone just as enthusiastic as yourself. None of this dithering around in will-we-won’t-we mode; the vibe here is positive, dynamic sexy pursuit mode –its Libra mating season!

Especially the super auspicious mating/dating vibes of your ruler, Venus trining Mars around the 18th. And with Venus in your communication sector it’s all about intelligent, stimulating conversation to move things along. Whether you are cultivating the mental rapport with your current lover to fascinate one another anew, or if on the prowl that full, sparkly Libra flirt offensive of yours to lure someone hot into your orbit; the chemistry is irresistible…ooh la la.

And romance or not whatever; Mars also stimulates a positive mutual respect, honest communication and dynamic progress in all of your relationships –healthy relating is your new thing, even more than ever.

Also because the New Moon partial Eclipse of the 6th is a nice chance to refresh your family dynamic/connection with tribe for a more solid emotional footing –even bonding with your housemates feels good. And sorting out the domestic environment clears your mind nicely-maybe a spring clean, or chance to indulge your favourite hobby of finessing the home décor with those stunning style instincts of yours? Yes, the better to create the perfect pad from which to launch yourself into the world later in the month…

Cue the Full Moon total Eclipse of the 21st, which launches you into full-blown Libra show pony mode! Whether your creative brilliance/career talent is so damn good you can’t help but get it out there with some shameless self-promotion –yes and effective meeting/greeting/networking works a treat here. Or you’re swanning around in social butterfly mode, spreading your glittery charm around just for the thrill of getting amongst it –yep it’s your time to shine lovely one, so why the hell not?

Image: Fernanda Ly

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