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Jan 6th is Mercury and the New Moon partial Eclipse lighting up your sign for a fresh, self-aware intelligence about who you want to be in 2019:

Especially the tension between Saturn & Pluto here is an opportunity to transform any ingrained patterns & habits; the better to streamline a clean, lean, disciplined new approach to being you in the world. Like a snake shedding its skin and emerging all shiny and ready for the next chapter - You are so tuned into your core, essential sense of self right now!

So that’s good. Because with love goddess Venus hiding out in your soul sector from the 8th, one of your most important relationships in early Jan is the one with yourself. Filling your cup with unconditional self-acceptance, and whatever turns on your most inspired personal & spiritual growth is the best way to polish your inner beauty and shine from within this month. How lovely.

And this can only bode well for your romantic mojo; especially by the 21st as Venus meets lucky Jupiter bang on a spectacular Full Moon total Eclipse in your intimacy sector -this is a cracker chance to fire up the Capricorn love life!

It’s a special kind of deep & meaningful emotional intimacy that comes with the Moon in your sex sector, Venus/Jupiter in your soul-mating sector and Uranus awakening heart fluttery sparks in your romance sector. Could be a crazy infatuation for thrills/unforgettable love affair or all the way to cultivating domestic bliss with your life partner–but it’s bound to be kinda game changing one way or the other… ooh la la.

Meanwhile Mars in your home sector from Jan 1st is a powerful clue about your domestic priorities in 2019 generally. Any real estate or home improvement scenarios/potential relocation plans/pressing family dynamics/fiery chemistry with a live in lover you’ve got going on right now have your full attention. You’re nothing if not energised, and motivated to get the home base sorted right now! Excellent, but of course you also navigate any tricky issues coming up here carefully; there’s a fine line between healthy assertiveness and unnecessary conflict, right?

Image: Vogue, November 1960, Photographers- Leombruni-Bodi

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